10 December 2006

Paris 8 December 2006

Harold Schellinx in one of the corners
during the concert by Diktat

on the tapecare evening in Paris.
The other corners were occupied
by Emmanuel Rébus, Rinus van Alebeek and Jean Bordé,
three dictaphonists and one contrabassist.
The audience was seated in between them, in the middle of layers of sound
that slowly filled the room as a summers day waking up.

Picture by Ute Lindner+Patrick Huber

04 December 2006

28 November 2006

Ruben, Marcel, Stephane, Marc and So at the Kule Kassetten evening, 23 nov.2006

Erik and his girlfriend and his camera arived halfway the evening.
They missed the other shows.
Erik send the pictures via mail.
Thanks a lot,Erik!
maybe we will make it to Kopenhagen one day,
and meet again.

I don't know if pictures were made at the other sets.
If not, they will remain in the memorie of those who were there.

Some of us will go to Paris now,
where a Tape Care of Paris soir can be expected in December.

Emanuele and Rinus at the Kule Kassetten evening 23 nov.2006

Emanuele at the kule kassetten serata, 23 nov 2006

picture by erik from kopenhagen,danmark

marco at the kule kassetten evening 23 nov 2006

picture by erik from kopenhagen, danmark

kenneth at the kule kassetten night 23 nov 2006

picture by erik from kopenhagen, danmark

13 November 2006

Kule Kassetten - 23 november Auguststrasse 10, Berlin Mitte

On thursday 23rd of November the Tape Crew
will open the doors of Kule in mitte.
We will host the second day of

das kleine field recordings festival,
that will present their performers
in some five minute sets.

Then it will be
Soichiro Mitsuya, Kenneth Nielsen, Marco Lampis,
Rinus van Alebeek with his guest Emanuele Rodo,
Marcel Türkowsky, Stephan Leonard,
Ruben Patino and Marc Fantini
in various formations on various soundlevels in various sets.

Expect to pay 1 euro admission for each set.

Ruben will be playing the music in the barzone, and maybe some of the field recording guest (Lasse Marc Riek, Derek Holzer) will play extracts from their work.

Kule is to be found in the Auguststrasse of Mitte,
U-bahn and S.Bahn: Oranienburgerstrasse,

doors open 21.00
doors close also
free entrance to the bar

12 November 2006