16 June 2007

The B-Boyz of Tapemosphere - HarS reports in

"Until only very recently the use of cassette tapes has been so widespread, that though relatively young - in their mid-twenties - also the three B-boyz's belong to one of the generations for which the 'cassette tape' has been a medium that would have seemed indispensable (being there as a 'given', a fact of life) and whose sudden disappearance, had it not happened under their very eyes, would have been unimaginable. As a kid, Béla told us while we were zipping wine in Christian's kitchen, rather than reading, he used to listen a lot to audio plays (Hörspiele) on cassette tape. And later on he became part of the hip-hop scene, where mix-tapes were an essential means for sharing and spreading one's favorite tracks. "For me there was this really strong feeling," he explained, "that something of my personal history was getting lost along with the replacement of cassette tape by other media ... first the CD , and later the mp3's ..."."

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