21 January 2007

7-12 february Harold Schellinx's Found Tape Exhibition

Exhibition/Installation of Found Tapes
in Gallery Transitlounge (chez Culturia)

From the 7th of February onwards Harold Schellinx

will explore various places in Berlin,
recording and looking out for tape salad, or old recorders

He will restore the tapes,
and manifacture a brandnew tape:
Found in Berlin,
to be added to his evolving exhibition of cast away sounds.

His personal installation/exhibition will be a
live version of his online Found Tapes Exhibition,
including objects, tapes, photographs and samples to listen to.

Josetti Höfe
Rungestr. 22-24
Berlin Mitte
U-Bahn Heinrich Heine
or Janowitzbrücke

7 to 12th of February

transit lounge

02 January 2007

6 january - tape care of scherer8

side a: yes sir, I can boogie, if you play a simple song
side b: I can boogie, boogie-woogie, all night long

Tape care patriots
will play their warm songs of desire
at the home of der Tapeman
in Wedding.

january 6
Galerie scherer8
Schererstraße 8
S+U Wedding (U6, Ring), U Nauener Platz (U9)